Please Remember, When Someone Is Trying To Tell You About  Competition Keying, And They're Telling You It Over The Internet, And Not While They're Standing On The Field, Chances Are That They Are Nothing More Than A Bag Of Hot Air Who's Just Flapping Their Lips, You Know, Just Like An Arm Chair Quarterback Telling You How To Win The Superbowl, And They Have Zero Creditability Behind Their Words.



Unlike Those "Others", Here At Team XFORCE We Like PROVING What We Say Can Do By Going To National Events, Where Our Mobiles Do The Talking For Us, And At Those Events........


 Now Without Going Back Too Far, (As Our Trophy Wall Clearly Shows Our Winning Goes Way Back), Over The Last Couple Years, Team XFORCE Has Taken Some Serious Trophies Keying On The Line vs Some Of The Tuffest Mobiles On The Face Of The Earth, And WINNING By KEYING ON THEM WITH A GREAT BIG XFORCE HAMMER

But Where's All These Other "Comp Box Builders" Trophies At??

Wait A Second,  Where Are All These So Called  "Builders" At ?

 We'll Tell You Where They're At, They're ALL Right Where They ALL Belong, They're ALL At Home, Hiding Under Their Beds When They Hear That Team XFORCE Is In Town To Fight

---Egg Harbor New Jersey 2013---

 2 Alternator AC Champ, 2nd Place King Of The Hill Champion

---"5 The Hard Way's" Chicago Championship Keydown In 2014---

Team XFORCE Took The 2Pill, 4Pill, And Open AC Class Championship Classes


---Team XFORCE Went Back Out To Egg Harbor New Jersey In 2014---

And Walked Away With Wins In The 2AC Alternator, & The AC SKY's The Limit / KING OF THE HILL Championship Trophy’s To Go On Our Shelves.


---Then XFORCE Team Rolled Out To Macon Georgia For Their 2014 Championship---

And Hammered Down In The 6Pill & 12Pill Classes, Taking Home The Money And The Trophy's.


---At The New Orleans 2015 Championship ---

We Were The Winner Of ALL The Following Classes, The 16Pill, 32Pill, 1AC, And The Top Class Of Them All, The AC SKYs The Limit / King Of The Hill Championship And We Won All These Class By Running Our State Of The Art, Xforce Competition Mobile. And While Fighting In The AC SKY's The Limit Class, We Knocked Out The Defending Champ Who Was Running 8 AC Alternators By Hitting Him With Our Screaming Audio, Then When It Was Time To Take The Big Win, It Was Team Xforce, Running Our Monster 1 AC Alternator Mobile vs An 9 AC Alternator Equipt Mobile

 ---Back To Atlanta Ga We Went In 2015---

Handing Out Back to Back Knockouts of the Defending Champion and also a Twice go around In The Final Running Our State Of The Art Xforce 1AC Mobile in the AC SKY's The Limit Class vs a 9 AC Alternator Mobile, But Coming Up Short On The Final Key, But Proving Once Again That XFORCE Possesses Technology Allowing Us To Fight Against Mobiles Running 8 or 9 Times More Alternators Than We Do. And We Know That Really Scares Them As Much As It Makes Them Look Silly Needing All That Hardware.


---We Went To Macon Ga For Their 2015 Championship Keydown---

And Took ALL But One DC Class Back Home To Team XFORCE's Trophy Shelfs At XHQ, We Took The 2Pill, 6Pill, 8Pill, 12Pill, 16Pill, And The DC Sky Championship

 ---To Start Off 2016 On The Right Foot We Returned To New Orleans As The Defending AC SKY's The Limit Champion---

And Even Though Some Piece Of Shit Scumbag Broke Into One Of The Teams Trucks On Friday Night And Stole 7 Of Our Main Competition Amps, We Said “Screw That, Team XFORCE NEVER SAYS DIE” So We Went On To Win The

 -4Pill Class First Place-

-12Pill Class First Place-

 -1AC Alternator Class First Place-

-2AC Alternator Class First Place-

Our Wins In The 4 & 12 Pill Class Were With Amps Running Our All New PP100 TRANSISTORS!!!!!

We Also Keyed......

Our 4Pill In The 8 Pill Class

Our 12Pill In The 16Pill

And We Also Keyed Our 12Pill In The 32Pill Class

We Knew That We Would Be Out Gunned In Those Other Classes, But It Was More Us Saying “Up Yours” To The Jerk Who Broke Into Our Truck. We Then Moved Forward To Prove That You Can’t Keep A Righteous Team, Like XFORCE, Down By Taking Our State Of The Art 1AC Mobile, And Defeating ALL Takers In Both The 1AC and 2AC Championships, Giving The Team 2DC and 2AC Class Wins, And The Overall Win For The Day.

We Tried The AC Sky Class, But Due To The Main Driver We Use Being Stolen, We Didn’t Get Far There This Time. So With All That Said, I Will Say To The Scumbag That Stole Our Amps, “SUCK IT BITCH”

Now We Moved On To The "Five The Hard Way" Break In Joliet Illinois, The Weekend Of July 16th

Team XFORCE Entered into the 2,4,6,8,12,16,& 32 Pill Classes

2pill Class= XFORCE First Place

6pill Class= XFORCE First Place

8pill Class= XFORCE First Place

12pill Class= XFORCE First Place

16pill Class= XFORCE First Place

We Also Tried Our Hardest To Dog Somebody Into Keying AC, As There was over 15 ++25KW BlueGill Mobiles Parked Right There On The Killing Field

All These Wins Prove, Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt That XFORCE AMPS ARE #1

Team Xforce Yet Another Overall Win Over Everyone At The Killing Field That Day !!


Team XFORCE Would Like To Dedicate ALL Our Wins To The Great People That Enjoy This Great Sport, And We Are Truly Humbled By Your Support For Us, And Will Continue To Fight And Win As We Channel All The Support You Give Our XFORCE Team Into My Foot To Mash Our Motor To The MAX