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Competition Cobra 29 ltd classic

Variable From .5 To 12 Watts RMS ( Bird Model 43 No PEP Kit )              --Low end is adjustable from inside the radio. 14 Watts PEP True Forward Power ( Bird Model 43 No PEP Kit ) 130% Modulation With No Drop Off             --Tested With A 1khz Tone @ 1 Minute ( Hickok Analyzer ) Added: Heatsink On Audio IC ( Thermasink Heatsink - Cools Audio IC )             10,000uf 25volt Electrolitic Capacitor on DC Jack ( Filters DC Line ) Every Radio goes thru a full realignment of the PLL, VCO,  Receiver and Meter adjustment. Tested on 2 different work stations.
Price:   $225.00 
With all amplifiers ground is as critical as current supply or more so. Make sure you have adequate ground. We recommend all power connections to be soldered. SWR should be 1.3 or less and reflected power 2% or less. Make sure your coax and antenna can handle double the power output of your amplifier.