Xforce Policies

Warranty: All equipment Built By Us Carries A 90 Day Linited Warranty Against parts and labor warranty

--> Excluding power transistors/MOSFET's/Tubes/Any Parts That Can Be Damaged Directly By Opperator Error, and shipping <--

The warranty is valid during this 90 day period.

If someone else has had their hands in there, the warranty is VOID.

Return Policy:

XForce accepts returns within 15 days of receipt if the product
is in its original packaging and unopened With a
20% restocking fee.

And Any Item that has been hooked up, wired,
opened, or used is NON-REFUNDABLE, as it cannot be sold as new.

Shipping Policy: All equipment IS carefully packaged, and base amps are double wrapped. We will ship your unit as quickly as possible, but please keep in mind that as All our units are custom built to order, it is difficult at best to be able to predict an exact ship date, but we will say that nobody wants your new amp at your home, blasting around the world, more than we do. We judge our success on your success, and if you’re not being successful, then we aren't either. So what that means is that we Will Not Rush Any Order. And if it takes a little longer to get someone’s Custom unit right, then that’s what we will do, and the schedule will move back.

 Errors & Misprints: XForce reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order due to incorrect pricing
or misprinted information stated within our web site. If an error is found and you've already been charged,
XForce will contact you via email to inform you of any changes. It is then up to you, the customer,
to decide if you wish to follow through with the transaction. If you decide not to make the purchase,
your account will be credited.

Disputes: by you purchasing any product from us, you, the buyer, are agreeing to and will accept any and all responsibility for any fees, penalties, shipping, import duties, or anything else that may be caused by any dispute through PayPal, any bank, credit card company, etc.


Privacy Policy

We collect only the information you provide in order to conclude any transactions you have requested.

We do not share any public or non-public information with any other entities except where required by law.

Our service providers such as accountants or computer consultants who might have access to public or non-public information are contractually obligated not to share.

We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard our client’s personal information.

The Federal Trade Commission requires that we offer a provision for us not to share non-public information.

It is not necessary because we do not disclose non-public information, but we are including it here to satisfy the regulations.