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1x4x24Pill - Xtreme Duty - XT2.4KW-M

1x4x24Pill - Xtreme Duty - XT2.4KW-M

Transistors 1x RF Power Transistor Driving 4xRF Power Transistors Driving 24x RF Power Transistors

This Amp Is Comp To The Max

If You Are Looking For The Best Of The Best Look No Further

This Unit Is In A 32 Pill Case It Sports Almost 50" Of Heat Sink and SIX cooling fans.

This Beast Is Designed To Run All Day Long

Optional Stage Switching Allows You To Switch The 1x4 Pill Drive and 24 Pill final stage on/off separately

Dimensions H 5-3/4" x L 28" x W 18-1/2" Amp Draw (maximum) 540

Class C 
SSB Delay optional Pre-amp optional 
No Driver Required Max Recommended Dead Key 1200 Watts  Driven Power (PEP) 6000 Watts 
  **These units are for industrial, scientific, medical, or export use only. 
It is a violation of US FCC regulations to operate these units on the Citizens Band or Amateur Radio Services in the United States. 
 Please check regulations in your country before operating these unit.

Price: $2,449.99 
Stage Switching 
Modulation Lights 
Please Remember That Grounding Is The Most Important Part Of Any System.