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This Is The Transistor Used In All Our Keying Circuits
Product:  	 Bipolar Small Signal & Power   	 Configuration: 	Single 	 Transistor Polarity: 	NPN 	 DC Current Gain hFE Min: 	35 @ 0.1mA @ 10V 	 Maximum Operating Frequency: 	300 MHz (Min) 	 Package / Case: 	TO-92 	 Collector- Emitter Voltage VCEO Max: 	40 V 	 Emitter- Base Voltage VEBO: 	6 V 	 Maximum DC Collector Current: 	0.6 A 	 Power Dissipation: 	625 mW 	 Maximum Operating Temperature: 	+ 150 C 	 Minimum Operating Temperature: 	- 55 C 	 Continuous Collector Current: 	600 mA

Price: $1.25 
Please Remember That Grounding Is The Most Important Part Of Any System.