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400amp Variable Regulated Power Supply

400amp Variable Regulated Power Supply

variable regulated power supply Variable from 14.5 - 18 volts 400 amps at 14.5 volts  There's NO surplus transformers here.  Like ALL our Power Supplies and Base Station Transmitters , This unit uses a In House Custom Wound Transformer.  By Utilizing the latest computer aided transformer design software with our proprietary winding machines,  Xforce provides you with the Best of the Best.  We have optimized our Turns Ratios and Flux Density for a transformer that always exceeds the target rating,   giving you the ability to run your system with the confidence that your getting the Best on the market.  Xforce Power Supplies are the Real Deal when your looking for Real Power.  Our Power Supplies are a 100% "Built For You" product and made to order.  This ensures that you will have a "Fresh Off The Assembly Line" unit.
Price: $2,150.00 
Please Remember That Grounding Is The Most Important Part Of Any System.