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Direct Feed Beam Antenna Match

Direct Feed Beam Antenna Match

Xforce And BM Tech have done it again.

Pulling on our extensive engineering Team,

we have heard your requests and now offer to you the new direct feed kit for your beam antenna.

These kits allow you to have almost Unlimited power handling capability.

Coupled along with our custom built for you balun your beam will jump to life

and the days of gamma matches are gone forever.

This kit installs onto your existing beam.

We will need to know your boom diameter as to provide you with the correct mounting clamps.

This is the greatest Bolt-On modification you can do to your beam.

Tune-up is quick and easy.

The Balun is available in 5kW, 10kW, and 25kW versions.

The 5kW and 10kW Baluns include a +10kW Rated SO-239 Connector

The Giant 25kW Balun includes a MASSIVE 7/16 DIN Connector

You can purchase the direct feed element, the Balun, or a Kit which includes both for a discount.

Xforce -We Got It !!!

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Please Remember That Grounding Is The Most Important Part Of Any System.