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Generation4 200Amp Motor Maul

Generation4 200Amp Motor Maul

!!!!Motor Mauls are back with a newly improved, more efficient circuit !!!!!!!  
This is a 4-6 Week Lead Time Unit  
Run a big box with out adding alternators to your vehicle and burning more gas!! 
Our Motor Mauls give you an Un-Fair advantage over your competition.
With this unit, you are able to maintain a constant 15volts to your amp off of a lower(12v) charging system.
You can also "Volt Up" when needed to keep the ducks off your back.
Requires 4X 800 cold cranking amp 12v batteries to run and a stock alternator. 
 Having More than two batteries, like 6 or 8 will allow you longer key time.
A "Boosted" stock alternator will help minimize your recovery time.
The 200 amp Motor maul will run up to an 8 pill amp. 
This unit includes a remote control unit so you can monitor the voltage being supplied to your amp. 
The Included Voltage meter built in to the remote head unit is also back lit for use at night. 
Typical Output Voltage Range is 11-16 volts. Higher voltage by request only 
Dimensions H 5 1/2" x L 14 1/4" x W 13 1/2" 

Price: $845.00 
Please Remember That Grounding Is The Most Important Part Of Any System.