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Midnight Special MS250-M

Midnight Special MS250-M

2 Transistor unit
The Midnight Special Series offer a Big Bang For Your Buck
And are built in a smaller package to be able to fit into those smaller spaces
Don't be fooled by their size, because they Pack A Punch !!!!!
Typical Power Output
A Duck Killing 150-250 Watts PEP Peak Power
MAX Output Dead Key FROM Amp 50 Watts Carrier To The Antenna 
Typical Input Power To Amp (How Much Power Your Radio Should Put Out)
1-2Watts Dead Key, and A Max of 40Watts PEP
Typical Power Required- 15amps At 15.volts
The Unit Has An Automatic Sideband delay
Also There Is A Hi / Lo Output Power Switch 
Approximate Dimensions (LxWxH inches): 5" x 2-1/2" x 3" 
The Units Come In Blue, and The Decals May Look Different Than The Picture.
**These units are for industrial,  scientific, medical, or export use only.
It is a violation of US FCC  regulations to operate these units on the Citizens Band or Amateur Radio
  Services in the United States.  Please check regulations in your  country before operating these unit.

Price: $147.99 
Please Remember That Grounding Is The Most Important Part Of Any System.