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Once again, here is Team Xforce stepping up to the plate and hitting another Grand Slam for You.

The new Nemesis series is officially here.

The name was inspired by the Greek Goddess of Divine Retribution, She was the Goddess of Revenge.

Make your enemies Bow Down before you

as your new Nemesis Amp extracts Revenge on them for their Mudducking ways !!!!!

The new unit boasts all the industry crushing XFORCE standards ie;

100% matched Transistors

100% matched Capacitors


10kW rated Silver Teflon SO-239 Connectors

The largest pill for pill Heat Sink on the market

PLUS, and in addition to that, XFORCE has added--->

An improved cooling system for increased air flow = Cooler Running Amp

And larger power wire = Less Voltage Drop.

A Great Big Thank You goes out to everyone, for helping to make XFORCE the Largest Builder,

That Produces The Best Made Units On The Market Bar None.

All of YOU have been OUR motivation behind pushing the products to all new levels,

That Includes upgrading our parts and features, Without trying to gouge your pockets Like All The Others.

Here at XFORCE we Only use the Best of the Best,

And Do Not Let Anyone Try To Fool You Otherwise.

2 Transistor Unit
Dimensions H 4-1/4" x L 11" x W 6-3/4" 
Amp Draw (maximum) 20a 
Class C 
SSB Delay 
Standard Pre-amp available 

Max Recommended Dead Key Power FROM/OUT OF RADIO = 2w Dead Key & 45w PEP

 Max Recommended Dead Key Power FROM/OUT OF AMP 25Watts
 Typical Modulated Power RANGE (RMS/AVG) 55-90Watts 
Typical Modulated PEAK Power RANGE (PEP) 180-260Watts   
**These units are for industrial, scientific, medical, or export use only. 
It is a violation of US FCC regulations to operate these units on the Citizens Band 
or Amateur Radio Services in the United States.  Please check regulations in your 
country before operating these unit.

Price: $221.99 
Modulation Light Kit 
Remote Control Box 
Hook Up Wiring Kit 
Please Remember That Grounding Is The Most Important Part Of Any System.