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SOLD**1999 Suburban**SOLD

SOLD**1999 Suburban**SOLD

1999 Suburban For Sale
 This Truck is built for the 0.1%ers out there who are looking to beat anyone they run into. If someone wants to brag about their long boom base station, that's fine. Just pull this Monster out and send them 10-7. If someone wants to brag about their mobile, that's fine. Take this Monster, pull up next to them, and burn the paint off their mobile.
 1x 3cx15000a7 Big Mule 1x 3cx3000a7 Driver 1x Xforce 200hd Pre-Driver 1x Rediline DC to AC Rotary inverter  1x 160 amp filament transformer 7x alternators 1x 200 amp, 1x 270 amp, and 5x 320 amp. ALL Leese NeVilles 5x 1 amp 1800 volt Peter Dahl transformers for 10000 Mule 1x 1 amp 1800 volt Peter Dahl Transformer for Driver 1x 1-5/8" Bird dual line section 2500w Reflected, 50,000w Forward 1-5/8" Heliax running to the Hot Antenna    ***UPDATE*** Both AC Amps have been internally updated with some of the new Xforce circuitry. We just installed a BRAND NEW TUBE in the 3cx3000 Driver Amp The 3cx15000 Tube just came back from Econco with a Clean Bill Of Health A New DC Voltage Regulator was installed on the secondary DC Alternator New Remote Control Box installed for 3cx3000 Driver Amp BRAND NEW 50,000w Bird Slug on Output, Direct From Bird BRAND NEW 2500w Bird Slug on Reflect, Direct From Bird 4 Brand New Tires Installed  See the video of us just playing around keying into the New 50,000w Bird slug. We didn't play too long because it was about 3 degrees outside. Way too cold for me.

Please Remember That Grounding Is The Most Important Part Of Any System.